Future Footwear Technology Corporation


Future Footwear Technology Corporation

3D Knitted Upper

Future Footwear Technology Corporation have some of the most advanced 3D knitted upper machine in the industry. The machine can manufacture a 3D visual vamp instead of the traditional flat visual vamp. It uses the new­style additive manufacturing to replace the traditional reducing material technology. This new­style technology can effectively reduce the production link and save on the costs of producing. It can print the different wire stocks together

TPU 3D Printed Midsole

TPU 3D printed midsole shoes can solve all of your problems. When people are walking or running, everyone’s posture is different. We also observe that the pressure points on a shoe vary depending on a person’s posture. TPU material has a good elasticity, plasticity, and toughness, so we can increase hardness on the main pressure points of TPU 3D sole to best suit every individual’s unique footprint. And we can also make it suitably soft where that is appropriate.

Pressure Measurement And Analysis

Future Footwear Technology Enterprise developed plantar pressure measurement and analysis technology. Plantar pressure measurement is the application of a plantar pressure plate system, an in­shoe pressure measurement system, to detect any abnormal pressure distribution and more easily discern biomechanical abnormalities in the foot.

Carbon Fiber Heating Insole

The Carbon Fiber Heating Insole is another groundbreaking innovation from Future Footwear Technology Corporation. Carbon fiber heating technology enables you to create your own personal micro­climate inside of a shoe. The Carbon Fiber Heating Insole can keep feet warm and comfortable in the winter. The wearer, particularly the elderly, don’t need to fear cold weather any more. When the switch is turned on, the heating function is started.

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