Company Profile

Future Footwear Technology Corporation

        Future Footwear Technology Corporation is located in New York, USA. It is a shoemaking enterprise and has its own factory in China(Putian Shi Qushi Zhixie Keji Youxian Gongsi). Future Footwear Technology Corporation is focused on technology research and new product development. It mainly develops and sells a range of fashion sneakers under the brand Soulsfeng. Since 2014, Future Footwear Technology group has dedicated itself to the research and development of new products and techniques such as the novel vamp and special insole. Future technical group teams have mastered the five emerging technologies in the industry at the moment.

Brand Story

        David Feng, the founder and president of soulsfeng, has always had a vision to create a famous shoe brand according to his own design concept. David, a young and creative footwear designer finally took his first step and created his own company Future Footwear Technology Corporation. Fast Forward a couple years, David finally built his own brand in USA: Soulsfeng.

        Soulsfeng:namely Feng’s artistic soul. Feng is David Feng’s name. David Feng think a pair of shoes should be a perfect foot protecting tool and also be a fashion accessory.And he think every pair of shoes can be a work of art and they can be regarded as a life with the independent soul.

        David Feng think that a young people should be full of energy and passion to struggle  for their dreams.Sport is the source of life. At the same time, sport is also the best expression form of youthful vigor and passion. So the Soulsfeng use the Olympic themed to show the young people’s youthful vigor and passion in its first-season shoes. This practice can also carry forward the Olympic spirit”Faster,Higher,Stronger”. Faster, higher, stronger, although only a short six words, but its meaning is very rich. It is tell people not only in competitive sports they should not fear a strong opponent, dare to struggle, dare to win, but also encourage people in their life and work not mediocrity, should be full of youthful spirit, always ahead, beyond the self, play your potential to the limit.

United States company address:228 PARK AVE., S #45956,NEW YORK, NEW YORK, 10003, USA.